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LAMPRO Shined at InfoComm USA 2024 with Innovative LED Products

Jun 14.2024

LAMPRO, a subsidiary of the Unilumin Group, successfully captured the industry's attention at the InfoComm USA 2024 exhibition. Held from June 12th to 14th in Las Vegas, Nevada, LAMPRO's booth, numbered W953, spanned 74 SQM and showcased the company's cutting-edge LED display technology.

The booth's design was meticulously planned, featuring four main display areas: Indoor LED Commercial Displays, Outdoor LED Glasses-Free 3D, Creative LED Rental Displays, and an LED Display Samples Experience Zone. Each area was thoughtfully arranged to highlight LAMPRO's comprehensive expertise in LED display solutions through high-quality product demonstrations and professional technical support.


Creative LED Rental Displays
In the Creative Rental Display area, LAMPRO utilized nearly 19 SQM of its LRSO3.9 series seamless smooth curved screens, coupled with vivid video sources, to deliver a stunning visual experience for attendees. Additionally, the booth featured approximately 17 SQM of RN1.9 series seamless transition wave screens, meeting the diverse needs of clients for creative rental displays and showcasing LAMPRO's professional capabilities in this sector.


Outdoor Glasses-free 3D Displays
Outdoor glasses-free 3D displays have always been a strong suit for LAMPRO, and this exhibition was no exception. The company presented its unique glasses-free 3D solution using nearly 10 SQM of the LSK2.9+W2.9X series. The streamlined booth design and seamless 3D effects immersed visitors in a waterfall experience, leaving a lasting impression of being in a real-life cascade.


Indoor Fine-Pitch Displays
LAMPRO also highlighted its indoor fine-pitch display products. The nearly 8 SQM of the LMini0.9 series embedded large screen showcased every detail of natural scenery video sources perfectly, even up close. The display's flawless presentation made visitors feel as though they were standing amidst the beautiful landscapes.

Throughout the exhibition, LAMPRO garnered widespread acclaim and recognition from numerous customers for its exceptional product quality and professional technical support. As a subsidiary of the Unilumin Group, LAMPRO remains committed to the group's customer-centric values, continually enhancing product competitiveness and striving to offer superior, cost-effective LED display products to its users. 

Moving forward, LAMPRO will continue to innovate in the LED display field, providing high-quality products and services to users worldwide