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Rental Line of LAMP

Sep 17.2019

At the beginning of the year 2018, Lamp Tech established a separate Rental Line officially, keeping forward with Fixed Line, which is a very leap-forward step for Lamp. It’s also a challenge and an improvement to overcome a mature field, it means that Lamp is promoted to a comprehensive enterprise in the LED display industry. In 2018, with more than one year’s effort, the Rental Vision achieved a breakthrough growth, the sales volume of rental products accounted for 15.22% of the company's overall sales and it’s still on the rise. It’s estimated that the proportion of sales will increase to 25% by the end of this year (2019) and will achieve 35% by 2020.




Excellent Sales Team 
So far, rental line department has achieved rapid growth and great accomplishment, mainly because we have an excellent sales team with people-orientation as the root of success. Mr. Lawrence Liu, Director of Sales and Marketing of the department, has 15 years of experience in the LED industry and 8 years of sales and team experience in Shenzhen LAMP Technology Co., Ltd. He has witnessed the growth and prosperity of the industry. Still with strong will and great passion, he has opened up many new markets for the company, and developed business relationship with a lot of big customers. With these, he is able to lead the sales team to grow in a quick, accurate and aggressive manner. However, any success, including the completion of sales performance and rapid development of the department, depends on the comprehensive capability of the team. The company's decision-makers know this well and so spend a lot of effort and energy to build up a sophisticated sales team. All of the existing sales team are the elites coming from the industry. They are experienced and full of enthusiasm; they work together and work hard to serve global market. They have won more market share for company and the trust as well as recognition from the customers. 

High-quality product
Nowadays the market competition of LED display is tremendously fierce, quality is the key to win the market. LAMP TECH have developed RS, RC and RNF series independently to meet different demand from the high, middle and low end of rental market since 2018, and designing different solutions for each series to meet different projects` requirements from different customers,  certificates like CE, EMC, ETL, FCC,etc are available to meet the requirements of different country. With strong background of finance, in 2019 LAMP TECH develop two new series RS-plus and RNX series, which soon will be launched to the market on September and December seperately. By the end of this year, LAMP TECH rental product line will cover the whole rental market including subdivison fields like LED floor, transparent screen, etc. Each rental series of LAMP TECH has both outdoor and indoor type available, fullfiling fast mounting&teardown, quick maintenance and being curvable function, LAMP TECH a professional rental LED display solution provider.

Quality service 
LAMP has a world-renowned after-sales service team and has established a global service network. The rental production line has fully benefited from this service support. All of the LAMP pre-sales and after-sales engineers are fully trained in technical knowledge related to professional leasing products. we can respond quickly to pre-sales and after-sales service needs of customers around the world, providing on-site or remote guidance to provide customers with high-quality service support and on-site support.


AMP rental production line has gone through the first pioneer year of development, and will go through more "the first"year. Based on the high—quality products and the best global service. LAMP rental production line will make an efforts to complete more benchmarking projects in the world and make better progress in the LED display rental field, expecting a global win-win situation.