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A Stunning Beginning of LAMPRO’s 20th Year at ISE 2024

Feb 04.2024

From January 30 to February 2, LAMPRO brought its state-of-the-art technologies and various technical innovations to the site of Integrated Systems Europe 2024 (ISE) in Barcelona, Spain. LAMPRO booth was surrounded by a series of creative designs such as LED reception desk, digital screen banner, etc., grabbing visitors’ attention to experience firsthand and get to know about how the high-tech transforms LED visuals.



Accomplished the brand upgrade from LAMP to LAMPRO back in 2023, this year, LAMPRO started its 20th year at the ISE show and again emphasized its grand vision of “Display A Better World” and the determination to provide more professional products as well as services. Gathering with all partners and friends around the globe, LAMPRO had the precious face-to-face opportunity to celebrate together the 20th anniversary during Happy Hour Party and introduce the newest of products in the Lmate series BNXII & LRS Product Launch.



The true-to-life scenario of a chain store was constructed by Lmate series BNXII with its unparalleled visuals. Compared with the first version BNX, the upgraded BNXII boasts reinforced functions, for example, equipped with a more pioneering PCB with Flash IC for greater performance. BNXII is much thinner and lighter than BNX, supports both front & rear maintenance, and can achieve ≥3840Hz high refresh rate, fitting in a variety of indoor commercial application scenarios, such as retail shops, big shopping malls, exhibitions, etc.


Wandering around the show floor, visitors could easily find two steadily hanging screens with eye-catching content, which is another LAMPRO newly released product - Lmate series LRS. Its fully modular feature and all-round protection design strongly increase the efficiency of installation and maintenance at the site. The high flexibility of LRS can achieve multiple creative shapes like right angle, square column, etc. It was born for constructing marvelous stages & scenes to make events one-of-a-kind and impress the audience.



At the entrance of LAMPRO booth, there was the seamless wave-shaped rental display, Lmate series RN1.9 spliced with RN1.9-S, delivering vivid images and creating an immersive space. With ultra-smooth concave and convex, RN sets a new standard in flexibility and makes more different types of LED stylings come true. Moving to the side of the booth, what captured visitors’ eyes was the big curved screen by Lmate series LSK + WX with high-definition picture quality. It can realize lifelike naked-eye 3D to elevate outdoor advertising to a new height.


More premium quality products were showcasing their impeccable performance at LAMPRO booth: the full flip-chip COB Lmate series LMini with unprecedented visual effects and comfortable viewing experience, the industry 4.0 masterpiece Lmate Series LHP with the golden ratio of 16:9 introduced in the conference which is available for standard mass production, and so forth, which contributed to an outstanding LED booth and took visitors to the feast of audiovisual filled with surprises.



This is a stunning start of LAMPRO’s 20th year at ISE 2024. With firm trust and support from all partners and friends, LAMPRO will be devoted to developing more professional products and offering satisfying services, jointly sparkling more magic in different projects!