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LAMPRO’s Creative Journey at PLS 2023 with Latest Products and Technologies

May 09.2023

Prolight+Sound Exhibition (also known as PLS) was grandly held during April 25-28, 2023, in Frankfurt, Germany. LAMPRO exhibited a series of innovative rental products as well as introduced commercial and professional solutions on the global audio and visual communicating platform, with audiences continuously coming in the booth for visits.



LAMPRO’s star rental product RN series showed its high-quality beauty amid much attention. At the site, RN1.3, which leads the P1 era of indoor rental, displayed a smooth and high-definition image; looking upwards, audiences could appreciate the RN1.8 that was in hanging installation and operated stably. Highly distinguished by awards for its outstanding and easy-to-operate design, RN Series can realize one-person installation and maintenance with multiple high-level safety protection.



Exhibited next to the aisles, there is the eye-catching RN2.6 spliced with RN2.6-S curved screen with smooth and seamless splicing, appealing to audiences passing by to experience with a real touch. It enables a diversity of customized creative displays such as cube, 90° corner and ±40° concave and convex and so forth. Designed for music concerts and other live events, it creates an enjoyable atmosphere and fascinatingly leads audiences to an immersive scenario.



The new rental LRS series did not disappoint audiences with its user-friendly designs and unique features, recently awarded the iF Design Award, which is known as the "Oscar Award in Design". Recognized as the ideal for indoor and outdoor rental, the flexible RS PLUS is equipped with a quick assembly and disassembly system due to its ultra slim and light cabinet. It not only beautifies itself with its eminent appearance but also emphasizes visual clarity and delivers dynamic animation effects.



This time, LAMPRO exhibited its latest LMini0.9, a representative Mini LED product at the exhibition, demonstrating the technical breakthroughs of LAMPRO professional displays. The UHD image undoubtedly lights up the booth. Meanwhile, audiences met with the newly released LSK series as well, which is the small pixel pitch display specially for outdoor commercial. It delivers incredible details and information with its high refresh rate and flatness, which makes it a considerably good choice for street signage, bus station signage, etc.



LAMPRO accomplished its journey at PLS 2023 with the showcase of a series of creative displays and technologies, and had a wonderful time sharing and discussing. LAMPRO will meet with you next year in Prolight+Sound and bring more that are well expected by audiences.